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Emma JonathonBusiness Faculty Head
Emma Jonathon Business Faculty Head

When schools and families work together, children perform better.

Adam DarellParent Engagement Officer
Adam Darell Parent Engagement Officer

We give our 100 %

John CruiseAccountant
John Cruise Accountant

This department has a direct contact with the students, it provides the best means to facilitate students’ applications through.

Samantha WaltersSociology Department Head
Samantha Walters Sociology Department Head

Professor Samantha Walters is a PhD scholar from Harvard University.

Jonh DoeChief Financilal Officer
Jonh Doe Chief Financilal Officer

I believe that my students can achieve anything with hard work.

Arnold ClarkCeo/Co-Founder
Arnold Clark Ceo/Co-Founder

the University for its significant role, responsibility and duties.