Now a day’s Many real time applications connected to web(internet).This is very useful and helpful for customers to see application(requirements) from anywhere in the world. These web connected applications belong to server client model. TCP, UDP and HTTP protocols are used in this concept. Data transfer to web server is done through GPRS (General packet radio services) communication. We can transfer large amounts of data through this GPRS. Many Embedded Networking applications fall under this model only.

In many colleges and offices attendance and maintenance of attendance records is taken on a register signature format .Because this is in a manual process, there is a lot of chance to manipulate the manual entries.But in this project we madeeverything computerized.That means For automatic attendance process we could use RFID,SMART CARD,MAGNETIS STRIPE READER …….etc.,(Customer choice).Whenever Student or employee enters the college or office, they have to show/swipe the card in front of reader, the reader marks the attendance and stores in a microcontroller.Then it compares the ID within the data base,after success controller transfer ID to server With TCP/IP stack. Whenever any wrong entry occurs then microcontroller makes a buzzer go high to produce a Beep sound and the same information is displayed on 16X2 LCD.On the other end of microcontroller GSM/GPRS modem connected serially. Through GSM/GPRS modem microcontroller sends data to server with specified IP address (Should be Static) and Port number. Finally we can see the data in web server from anywhere in the world.Thus attendance records are available in web server and we can download whenever we want.

Here we use 8051 as a microcontroller with 5v DC Power supply. It is having some Basic inputs and outputs. Serial(UART) protocol is primary concern here. The main heart of this project is GSM/GPRS modem and it work on GPRS AT commands. 16X2 LCD is connected to microcontroller through Digital I/O lines.

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