Now a day’s Many real time applications connected to web(internet). This is very useful and helpful for customers to see application(requirements) from anywhere in the world. These web connected applications belong to server client model. TCP, UDP and HTTP protocols are used in this concept. Data transfer to web server is done through GPRS (General packet radio services) communication. We can transfer large amounts of data through this GPRS. Many Embedded Networking applications fall under this model only.

A data logger (also data logger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Here sensor data logger means microcontroller consists of some digital and analog sensors.Whenever these sensors are activated a sensing signal is sent to microcontroller which develops a TCP/IP stack with standard format. Data can appear on LCD display. GSM/GPRS modem passes this TCP/IP stack to web server through Particular IP address and port number. Web server maintains data base of all sensors with respect to time intervals. Our web server supports more than ten sensors. User could connect different type of sensors like fire,I.R,Temperature, smoke,ultrasonic………etc. But, in academic project user/costumer can select any four or five sensors due to cost effectiveness.

Here we use 8051 as a microcontroller with 5v DC Power supply. It is having some Basic inputs and outputs. Serial(UART) protocol is primary concern here. The main heart of this project is GSM/GPRS modem and it work on GPRS AT commands. 16X2 LCD is connected to microcontroller through Digital I/O lines..4X4 keypad is directly connected to microcontroller. Sensors connected to microcontroller through digital I/O lines or analog.

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