Projects Based on Mobile Phones

1 Ring based device control system using Land line phone
2 Industrial devices operating system using mobile
3 Stepper motor clockwise & anti clock wise controlling using mobile
4 Real time parameter controlling for Small Scale Industries
5 House automation using Mobile with security system
6 Robot control using Mobile
7 Mobile Based DC motor Speed Control system
8 Mobile based Advertisement system
9 Advance security system using Mobile phone
10 DTMF based door locking System
11 Electrical apparatus control in plant using mobile
12 DTMF Based Device Control system
13 SCADA using Mobile
14 Mobile controlled robot with direction
15 Mobile Banking system
16 Mobile voting Machine
17 Industrial Security with Auto Dialer
18 Electrical apparatus control in HOME using mobile

Projects Based on RF communication

1 Wireless based(RF) industrial automation system
2 Wireless based device control(RF)
3 Wireless based motor PWM control system
4 Data transferring using secured formats through RF
5 Wireless data logger
6 Data transferring encoding system for army Applications
7 Simple messenger development without internet
8 Advanced Remote Robot
9 Wireless secured home using multi sensor
10 Automatic station indication system for Railways
11 Traffic light priority control for emergency vehicles
12 Robot direction control system using (RF)
13 New generation polling method using RF
14 Accident identification using RF
15 Wireless Stepper motor control using RF

Projects Based on PC and Wireless

1 Wireless based PC-to-PC communication
2 Wireless encryption and decryption
3 Wireless secured home using multi sensor
4 PC based robot
5 Wireless based device control.(RF)
6 Wireless based motor PWM control system

Projects Based on IR Communication

1 Automatic Railway Gate control system
2 IR remote based device control system
3 Shopping malls security & power management system using (IR)
4 Visitor counter cum display system using (IR) with LCD16X2
5 Auditorium controlling system using (IR)
6 Embedded car control system
7 Time measurement system for athletics
8 IR appliance control system
9 Bank security system with IR
10 Car Parking System
11 Wireless Stepper motor control using IR

Projects Based on PC based wired

1 Stepper motor clockwise & anti clock wise controlling using PC
2 Advertisement system using PC
3 PC based device control system
4 PC based data logger system
5 PC based dc motor speed control
6 PC based home automation
7 PC based Induction motor speed controlling

Mini Projects List 2

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