The invention of transistor has changed the world of electronics. In the olden days, for designing electronic equipment involves in many calculations and much complex circuitry, but with a technological circuit design by using required number of transistors forms an integrated circuit which is called IC. So, now a day the required output of an electronic device can be achieved by using different kinds of ICs. Based on the IC design, they are categorized into different types such as Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, timers etc  technically called as Digital ICs, Analog ICs, Mixed ICs, Logic circuits, Comparators, Switching ICs, Audio amplifiers, Operational amplifiers, Timer ICs and based on the number of components(Transistors) used, the integration will be in different  types. They are Small-scale integration, Medium-scale integration, Large-scale integration, Very large-scale integration, Ultra large-scale integration. All these can be treated as generations of integrated technology. ICs are also classified based on the fabrication process and packing technology. There are numerous types of ICs among which, an IC will function as timer, counter, register, amplifier, oscillator, logic gate, adder, microprocessor, microcontroller and so on. We are the team to design circuits and products with the trending and professional technology called as EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. We design microcontroller circuits and program them with our innovative ideas to get the required outputs for clients and customers. Our final intension is to provide unique design solutions.