Mini Projects
Mini Projects


  1. Advance security system using Mobile phone
  2. DTMF based door locking System
  3. Electrical apparatus control in plant using mobile
  4. DTMF Based Device Control system
  5. SCADA using Mobile
  6. Mobile controlled robot with direction
  7. Mobile Banking system
  8. Mobile voting Machine
  9. Industrial Security with Auto Dialer
  10. Electrical apparatus control in HOME using mobile
  11. Wireless based(RF) industrial automation system
  12. Wireless based device control(RF)
  13. Wireless based motor PWM control system
  14. Data transferring using secured formats through RF
  15. Wireless data logger
  16. Data transferring encoding system for army Applications
  17. Simple messenger development without internet
  18. Advanced Remote Robot
  19. Wireless secured home using multi sensor
  20. Wireless based PC-to-PC communication
  21. Wireless encryption and decryption
  22. Wireless secured home using multi sensor
  23. PC based robot
  24. Wireless based device control.(RF)
  25. Wireless based motor PWM control system
  26. Auditorium controlling system using (IR)
  27. Embedded car control system
  28. Time measurement system for athletics
  29. IR appliance control system
  30. Bank security system with IR
  31. Car Parking System
  32. Wireless Stepper motor control using IR
  33. PC based dc motor speed control
  34. PC based home automation
  35. PC based Induction motor speed controlling
  36. Line follower ROBOT
  37. Fire detection ROBOT
  38. PC Controlled ROBOT
  39. Obstacle detection & Avoidance ROBOT
  40. Gas leakage detection and information system using ROBOT
  41. IR controlled ROBOT
  42. Smoke detecting ROBOT
  43. Automatic street light control with RTC
  44. Time management for sterilization of plants
  45. Employees time management system
  46. Bus/Train Time System Display With LCD Display
  47. Traffic light control system
  48. Traffic light control system based on density
  49. Industrial security with alert system using Fire Sensor
  50. Home security system
  51. Intelligent water pumping system for Agriculture fields
  52. Environment monitor and control system
  53. Accurate Electronic Stop-Watch
  54. Automatic School Bell
  55. Bipolar Transistor Tester
  56. Clock timer
  57. Ding-Dong Bell
  58. DTMF Receiver IC 8870 Tester
  59. IR Musical Transmitter And Receiver
  60. Mini UPS System

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